Dear blog,
With this blog I’ll try to include some pictures if they turn-out ok.
I liked the most:
  • The Airbus modal I bought with flashing lights.
  • The three ships we could see out to sea. One of the ships reminded me of the James Bond film where a big tanker swallowed submarines (including the one with Bond in it!). Sadly we never got the chance to board any of the three ships.
  • I saw helicopters flying upside-down or sideways in formation! I’d never seen anything quite like it!
  • I saw a triangular plane, I’m told it was a Vulcan Bomber


My absolute favourites were the Black Cats – The Royal Navy helicopter display team.
I like the Red Arrows but I didn’t get a good vantage point so I only saw their coloured tail smoke. I also missed the wingwalkers but with my deteriorating sight i don’t know what I’d seen of the the persons on the wings themselves. I couldn’t really see the parachutists landing with their white parachutes, they were too far to see.
The Airshow was, according to the local press, good for the local economy and for local people and tourists. There were good photos in the local press, and I bet my favourite reporter on 5 News UK, Mr Simon Vigar, would have enjoyed it just as much as he enjoyed Cowes. The big `Deckchair` was back which Julian Druker sat on last year for 5 News. It must have been there to attract attention from some spectators.
Take care everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading this Airshow blog, I really tried my best with it. Good bye for now all. Excited