I gave this blog it’s title with some reluctance as we now await to see if amid the speculation and rumors are really true on the subject of the B.B.C. raising the TV licence fee, for the first time in a number of years now, in line with the the rate of inflation. 

I can see that the B.B.C., footing the bill itself for the over 75’s so that they do not have to pay for a TV license, cost them a lot of money, and the BBC needs to recoup the money its losing by other efficiency savings. Examples including the Met Office weather deal ending with the BBC for the 1st time in 100 years; and no longer showing The Voice and the TV rights going to another channel. Now I don’t watch The Voice, but if you do, would you expect, and it be taken for granted, that you would still pay the license fee for the BBC channels even though it doesn’t show it, and if in fact you get loads of repeats instead. 
Widespread mutterings of most people watch the BBC so many people watch it well. 
I feel on this subject there’s too much widespread assumption on this issue, the way people perceive and watch TV has fundamentally changed. I think these changes should be reflected accordingly. Consumers choose what TV packages they want and what TV catch up they actually service want. My main TV favorites are CH 5; 5*; Boomerang & the Disney Channel. The B.B.C. news is too professional and is not down to earth enough for me, while ITN produces  better news programmes by far, and for all kinds of audiences, that, in my own personal view, is good. 
If the TV license fee was no longer in place some examples of what we may lose from our TV screens, like Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Panorama, Crimewatch, The Euro-vision song contest and sport. Well I believe sport could be purchased from other TV channels. ITV may well be interested in partnership with the police doing Crimewatch as they have previously commissioned Britain’s Most Wanted a similar format TV programme. Strictly Come Dancing could be bought and made by another TV channel, Doctor Who I’m not sure about that programme, Panorama could be done by ITN or Sky, 1 off type events like the Eurovision song contest could go on pay per view whilst Newsround could successfully I bet go on 1 of the ITV children’s TV channels. 
Tell this government in no uncertain terms, if you agree with me, that there should be no more “audience“ battles with ITV. The BBC should be sold off, broken into bits. and be consigned to the history books. If I were to refuse to pay TV licence fee I could be fined, maybe jailed, though not sure if I retained my TV after that what would happen. I’m in a wheelchair and largely housebound, so not having a TV with which to watch my top 4 TV channels would leave me very lonely upset and crying an awful lot. There are an awful lot of other people in our country who are even more venerable and cannot easily afford the TV license, its so wrong to single out 1 particular group who can have a free TV license. Is this government also looking for more votes from pensioners? It would be much better, and fair to everyone, if the BBC were abolished altogether. I hope this happens 1 day so I only pay for the TV channels I want and watch.
Many thanks to you all for reading this.

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