The lead story on 5 News UK tonight was the pensions time bomb. There is a £800 billion shortfall the IMF have said, 1 guy stated in the report that he would have to continue working past retirement age part time. It’s high time this government looked after its own people first and better, if they spent the finances a little bit better maybe the money would be there to fund pensions, a good report by Tessa Chapman. There is now a fragile ceasefire in Syria, the UN peace plan must hold they say. PM David Cameron, was being interviewed in front of the media, I think the Microphone wasn’t quite right, it sounded a bit distorted what David Cameron was trying to say. A fairly good informative report by Political editor Andy Bell. David Cameron thinks now is the time to ease sanctions in Burma. NHS patients are being discharged at all times of the day and night, after a suicide attempt the end of July last year my local mental health team thought I could just get up and walk unaided even though I have MS, clearly they had no understanding on why I was taking certain medication, and they spoke and interviewed me in the early hours of the morning, a bad move as without enough sleep and chronic MS I was not exactly in the right frame of mind to be talking or being spoken to. I was discharged the next day, but being seen at that time of night by them was wrong in my view. I know that being discharged at all hours of the day and night is not uncommon, the NHS needs the space and capacity of more beds. 100 jobs are to go at BMI after BA takes them over. I used to fly twice yearly as a small treat to London with BMI when I used to live in the North West of England, and always enjoyed the good quality of service and the pleasure of the experience, a real shame this had to happen, but I guess its a sign of the times nowadays isn’t it. Mothercare is to close 111 stores in the UK in the next 3 years, that will leave them with just 200 stores left in the UK. Mothercare as a brand is doing better in other countries but 5 News UK did not state what particular countries they mean, they say that Shoppers on the high street, when asked, were disappointed but maybe not surprised, maybe they will move to more of their sales online. I saw the old TV adverts too for Mothercare in this report, I thought they were cute, a sad day for this popular retailer I say that even though I don’t have and have never wanted Children of my own with my other half. The Met. police are interviewing a guy to do with his newspaper connections. My favourite reporter, Mr Simon Vigar, did a text message interview with a hacker who had hacked online into Scotland Yard. Simon Pusey did a good report on that young boy killed in the USA after buying some sweets, the guy who had done it had previously been set free, but the USA police have now decided there is now enough evidence to charge him with 2nd degree Murder.  I hope whatever happens the family get some justice and are able over time to find some sort of closure. Good luck to them and my best wishes to them too, although denied I do think the pressure of the media did help this to happen. A brief bit was about the Queen’s new royal barge which is apparently being given to her (by whom I have no idea) but it reminded me of Anne Boleyn stripping away the badges of Catherine Of Aragon, putting her own on and then using it instead. A young girl with lovely long blonde hair has her hair cut off and then raises 1600 pounds, her hair will be used to make the the wigs of cancer sufferers, her new hair style, much shorter now, really suits her and her kind face. Her father is still having chemotherapy too for cancer. This little girl also fund-raises locally when she can, a real inspiration to us all this little girl. This is a fantastic report by Ruth Liptrot and my favourite 5 news report of the day. The singer Adele has made 20 million pounds from her album sales, women are now overtaking men with their celebrity wages, go on girls, show the guys you can really earn and do it better then them hey. Newsreader Emma Crosby wore what looked like a white dress bathrobe on 5 News tonight! I liked the pendant that she has worn since Monday but not this dress. On 5 News UK later on newsreader Emma Crosby was going to interview someone about saucy style books, no idea who it was though, and I much prefer reading magazines or the Daily Star Newspaper over books anyway. I used to like the Nancy Drew novels but I have not got the attention span anymore with which to read a book.
The Weather: The viewers photo showed hail in a viewers garden – a nice photograph and a chilly night and chilly morning is very nearly here they say.
I have had a nice day for once with some lovely company. Goodnight All.Confused smile