On the 5 News Lunchtime Uk bulletin today it was the very 1st time I had ever seen Health and Lifestyle reporter Catherine Jones present the update style programme herself. On the programme the Queen uses words of sincere, kind sentiment and addresses publicly the 2 houses of Parliament. the Duke of Edinburgh looked on but didn’t look like he was showing any emotion at all, which is apparently just like him. France held a 1 mins silence for those that sadly lost their lives in France. There was an interesting piece, I think it took place somewhere in the USA, someone playing Basketball from an aeroplane 192ft in the air – he got the ball in the basket, no I kid you not, this is in fact a true story.
Sian Welby, who presents the weather on CH5, used a nice viewer photo today of Newquay today. I have simply no idea where that is but it looked like a nice photograph. Apparently the weather for the UK seems rather nice at the moment, that’s some good news for now at least. I read briefly too in The Daily Star newspaper today that in a survey 1976 was classed as the best year to be born in due to the weather, certain toys also that at the time children were playing with too. I myself was born in 1976 and based on what little I know of the time, I believe it was a fab year. I don’t mean the chronic shotrage of water at the time when I say that though, and it was a bit of a unique year to be born in so other people tell me, but of course I cannot remember it sadly myself of course.
On 5 news at 5.00pm today you hear a bit more of what the queen said when she earlier on spoke to both houses of parliament, and she said she had signed 3 and a half thousand bills, and served the country under different 12 prime ministers and counting. All the Diamond Jubilee speeches are apparently penned by the Queen herself and were not written by other people. The Queen praised her family more than once in this speech and my favourite reporter did a superb job reporting on this in his ongoing role on 5 News UK as the royal correspondent. I still believe Mr Simon Vigar and his awesome red socks deserve a knighthood all his own for his services maybe for journalism I suppose you would call it. Labour leader Ed Miliband said should we clap now too to the PM, so just for once they may agree actually with each other. Also today some of the bus drivers are out in public confessing their luck as a syndicate for scooping their Lottery jackpot. 1 of the drivers seem to indicate that he was glad they had the won money as they were older, maybe he means they will enjoy their lottery win a bit more given their age, they didn’t look that old to me. Who knows? 5 News asked viewers to respond on Twitter – what would you do if you were in a syndicate but dropped out and then they scoop the jackpot. My response on Twitter (hopefully it was received OK) was if the Syndicate member was ill or on holiday at the time the draw was done and not had the chance to put their stake in then honour it, but if they left then the money won it should only go to the existing members of the syndicate whoever they are. Other stories included France still trying to locate and learn the identity of the gunmen who killed those Children and 1 adult. I hope in England too there will be a 1 mins silence to show our respect for those that died. I also heard, which was the main headline on 5 News UK tonight, that the UK chancellor at some point before the next general election may produce a sort of itemised bill for everyone showing how taxpayers money is being spent. Good in theory but what if the electorate don’t agree with it, or the figures they are given for that matter? 1 example given was every taxpayer in the country may end up shelling out £363 per person just to pay off the deficit, I’m really glad I’m not still in debt anymore. Finally reporter Tessa Chapman did a 2nd report in Kenya. She has written a blog about it too which I commented on, this can be viewed by going on the 5 News link on Twitter. In this, her 2nd report, she showed a couple of people who dug a hole every day to get water as they could not afford the few pence needed to fill up a bottle via a standpipe. I feel for those people and I wish them luck as they continue to struggle on.
Blimey is nearly 11.45PM now I must go to bed, tomorrow is the dreaded budget! I hope disabled people won’t be targeted again, some relief for drivers even though I cannot drive a car would be good, but Tax breaks for the rich or bankers given the fragile state of the UK economy should not even be on the agenda. Goodnight all.Sleepy smileDisappointed smilep.s. I have heard for those aged over 18 and over that the national minimum wage is rising by 4 pence per hour.