Dear blog,
It was nice seeing Simon Vigar reporting on the lead story on 5 News UK tonight the recent coach crash in Switzerland. I’m hearing a couple of different figures of the amount of people who died, as it is easy to confuse the differing figures as the figures for both the adults and children differ. What I do know is most of the children that so tragically lost their lives were aged 11 or younger. Simon Vigar, my all time favourite reporter on 5 news, did a good job bringing us the facts in such a tragic case. I understand those that did survive were at the back of the coach, so it would appear they may not have seen much. My sincere condolences for the lives lost, and I wish those that survived my best wishes and try to get well soon. There were 8 rescue helicopters on the scene – amazing
President Obama said to The PM today in the USA “Chuffed to bits you are here”. The 2 do appear to get on, but I doubt I’d have been that civil and level headed with David Cameron. In my view he is abusing the rights of genuine disabled people, just like me and others too. Apparently the PM is attending a black tie dinner in the USA to finish his tour there. While the USA and the UK are going through such a turbulent and painful time in our economy, I think it is insensitive of him to attend a black tie dinner in such circumstances, special relationship or not. In the UK there is now supposed to be 2.7 million unemployed, but those finding a job is increasing I think they said.
A man also in court today for claiming benefits totalling £1,800 for his late father, who was later found after neighbours were complaining of a bad smell, decomposing in the sitting room for 5 months!
An inspiring young lady, Harriet Smith, a former anorexic girl, now running marathons in aid of PDSA. Her target, Ruth Liptrot, said was to be healthy and be happy.
Tesco workers may now have to work to age 67 to have their pension, I find this in very poor taste.
Mini Stevenson got girls in the street to tell Prince Harry why he should go out with them. I suspect he will be spoilt for choice judging by this report.
Sian Welby jokingly said today in front of a viewers weather picture that’s its sometimes sunny in Scotland. A nice joke she might be right with this.
5 News UK is on at 5pm tomorrow but sadly is only on once and just for 15mins. to make way for football, Although I support Leicester City watching football to me is like watching paint dry. On Friday there are double episodes of both Home and Away and Neighbours’ but sadly no 5 News at all apart from the 5 mins lunchtime up-date programme. I will really miss 5 News, its real news on my level like no other apart from maybe Newsround.