Love Will Keep Us Together(105 Mins 2010 P.G. rating.)
A man, a Middle-aged 1 I guess, loses his wife, who he reminisces about, in one scene watching home videos with his daughter. He then is made redundant and has to sack his Nanny (after she has flour on a shelf deliberately poured over her – it was a trap his 2 children had set in motion). He tells the Nanny he’s been fired at work so she just has to go and from now on he has to look after his 2 kids alone. He then sets about trying to look after his 2 kids, both cooking and washing or drying, a shirt goes very wrong – it shrunk! 1 kid gets involved with a 13 year old boy, daddy questions his motives, and then the daughter is in tears after her best female friend nicks him from right under her nose. Oh just to be young again and in floods of tears. She slams the door in daddy’s face and tells him to, just put simply, “go away”. The son, a much younger boy than his sister, gives up a game which to me looked just like the rounder’s I used to play at Primary school maybe, and he gets into a couple of fights at school. The dad falls for a rather lovely female blonde character, a teacher at his kids school, and then does not take the job opportunity he was offered in Cleveland wherever that is. The best scene for me was where it was announced the daughter needed her very 1st bra. I hate wearing bras myself, I never put them on straight, so glad my carer can do it for me, she does it so much better than I ever could. I’d give this CH5 afternoon movie a 7 out of ten rating but my TV guide only gave it 2**. Who me?Sleepy
Mind Over Murder (105 Mins 2006 P.G. Rating)
This CH5 afternoon movie stars a district Attorney, played by Tori Spelling who I quite like watching in any role she has ever played, she is involved in a murder case. A leading politician has an affair with a blonde woman with shoulder length blonde hair, who is then found dead by a young couple hanging downwards from a pick up truck. It was a bit complicated for me to follow. Tori Spellings character is involved in a car accident, she then starts to have visions and memories and starts to hear the thoughts of other people around her, including a doctor and the jurors involved in the actual court case. A strange mystic, with shoulder length brown wavy curlyish hair, at one point hides behind a door drape, and Tori Spellings hair is blonde, a bit shorter than she usually wears it and a strong wave type on the ends of her hair to add some extra definition to her face. It ends happily with her and her love interest getting it together (surprise surprise) at the end of the film. She tells him “I’ve somehow lost my powers”. I did not really get who the murderer actually was but don’t think it was the politician in the end. This film wasn’t at all bad and I’d give it a good solid 6 out of 10 rating.
I have not seen the new Dallas yet on CH5 but I could take or leave it really. I hope 1 day Victoria Principal (Pamela Ewing) comes back into it – a stunning beauty with a smile to match. Also this Paddy and Sally documentary thing that CH5 keeps on showing the trailers for, at 1st glance to me looks like complete and utter rubbish. Come on CH5 you can make much better programmes than that I’m sure, but no, put Simply, I don’t mean Big Brother when I say that. Goodnight All. ConfusedClock