On Tuesday afternoon I went to the Tate Modern in London. I realy would have liked a guided tour but unfortunately we didn’t have the time, we only had time sadly for the top floor.

In the Energy and Progress section I really liked Uekers’ “Nails on a white surface” and Neuman’s “Violins Violence Silence” but I also was interested by Twombleys’ “Winder’s Passage”; Pascalis’ “Trap”; Merzs’ “Lingotto”; and Morris’ and Judds’ “unentitled”.

In the States of Flux section I liked Braques’ “Clarinet and bottle of rum on a mantelpiece” but I couldn’t see the clarinet or the bottle of rum! I thought I was looking at old English sailing ships and their sails.

I really like the Tate Modern, it’s unique, a bit bizarre but very well thought out. Its concepts I think are, put simply, out of the box. I somewhat like the fact that it’s not “normal”, just maybe this is my Autism speaking. I vaguely recall when the Tate modern first opened, there was a  a brown tree statue display upstairs that I had seen on ITV1 main news, I found the whole thing rather fascinating. Keep up the good work the awesome Tate Modern Building UK.

I purchased a couple bits of good low price merchandises, and the cafes were rather good too. The Tate Modern has wide open spaces which give the place a feng shui kind of feel. Its been a long sort of day for us, goodbye for now all. Freezing