Dear Blog,
After feeling very ill mentally for nearly 3 days – stressed out; panic attacks; tearful; ongoing feelings of utter helplessness; I have now decided that my mental well being is my far more important than this very personal test outcome could ever be. I’m backing out now before I crack up any further. I’ve been stressed out and a lot of very different things have come together to make this test just too much for me. To take tests in the past I’ve used NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) to help me with such feelings, but this time the feelings are just so intense it’s simply not possible for me to proceed at the present time. I feel isolated and simply do not feel I can afford the NLP that I need too do the test. The ongoing problems with the CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) don’t help me either.
I’m hoping to get to the cinema this week to see 2 films, at least then I might feel a release of some kin, and maybe a little better. Here’s hoping so anyway. Crying face