I enjoyed this superhero, special effects ladened movie.

It is all about how the young super-hero grows up at his high school and learns how to be a responsible young man. He has to take on a man using captured alien technology to build weapons and a flying machine. Peter Parker learns what it means to be himself and not rely on his special suit, provided for him by Tony Stark (Iron Man).

My favourite scenes are the one where Spiderman returns home and crosses his bedroom ceiling to close the door unobserved only to discover his best friend is sitting on the bed and is watching him on the ceiling! Another is when the bad guy is caught up in Spidersman web at the end. My favourite characters in the film was the villain himself and his daughter.

I’d rate this film 8/10. Unfortunately for me with my disability I found it a bit complex and confusing so it required all my concentration which raised my fatigue levels.