You can probably guess the answer to the above question but others may not know. If the roles were reversed, and the social workers had to live day to day with the decisions they force on some clients, then I bet they themselves would start to feel resentful and angry about the lack of control of their own lives, that’s called being a human being. I don’t know of many people whose lives are so fixed as to stick to the same thing every single time without even a slight change, and in a care plan not being able to have a hair wash over a sink. But that I can have a hair wash if I had a walk in shower shows just how silly some of these decisions actually are. (Prior to that, I had been informed Social Services do not give clients the opportunity to have a hair wash, just a wash.) I live in privately rented accommodation that I’m not allowed to fully adapt so I will never have a walk-in shower here, and it could be many months yet before I’m able to move to a more suitable flat for my MS.

My Mental Health team have claimed I’m too angry for counselling (I have Multiple Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but with a 1 size fits all mentality with services,  others are trying to make 1 sided decisions without looking at me as a whole person. I’m wanting, and constantly repeating, we need a meeting were people can work together, only to be told “it just doesn’t work that way”. I can never pick up the phone to any 1 person to discuss my ongoing case. I’m always hearing people pass the buck and the system seems incapable of providing a role that does this.

What do I want you may ask?

Well a combined meeting with the Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Physical Health Representatives to see what funding exists out there that can be accessed. Then I’d like an Independent budget, not a Direct Payment though, to tackle all 3 things listed as above to meet my multi complex needs, and then I will interview and choose the right person to help me in a care coordinating role bring things together, and then finally commission the holistic  ongoing care that I feel I badly need. I have been told it doesn’t work that way and it feels even worse with the severe cutbacks.

The government has said in the past that they want clients to be in control of their own lives and care, but from where I’m standing, it does not feel that way, with expers and professionals saying that they won’t pay for this or that. My life becomes a very horrid argument that is never ever resolved.

I saw on 5 news UK tonight about the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert and I heard what acts are appearing so far. There is nobody I’m into going to be performing. I guess Sinitta might perform, but I cannot help it but feel I’d much rather go to a Rebecca Black concert myself. 😎