Putting CCTV into all care homes sounds, in principle, like a very good idea but could it breech currant human rights legislation? I’m not a lawyer so I have no clear idea on this. Some news articles that I have seen, when abuse in care homes has taken place, usually refers to it as just effecting the elderly population, but lets not forget there are a great many working age disabled people in care homes who could also be potential victims of similar abuse, this is not defined by age alone. I think a lot of potential abuse that can occur in care homes takes place in clients/residents own rooms, if it deemed that CCTV should not not be put into their private rooms then perhaps a webcam system could be set up so what goes on in residents rooms can be seen, for example, by a relative or close friend and they could potentially say to a webcam “Good night” to mum or dad, and they could see them whenever they wanted to. If you are going to put CCTV into care homes, then absolutely every where should have to be covered. Also who would eventually foot the bill for all this in care homes, I very much doubt the Government would cough up the cash, Social Services would say they are too broke, and in care home places the cost to stay there would go up in order to pay for the CCTV or similar system. Who sees the CCTV footage, just how could it be perceived, what role would there be for the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in this, and there could be the potential risk also of carers themselves putting footage online – a different form of abuse. Although slightly unrelated to this issue, I think the cost of paying carers should increase to between £10.50 to £11 per hour to improve moral and also helping carers feeling valued, which could potentially lead to them treat the clients better.

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