We recently got to see at our local Odeon cinema this particular film is about valuing friends and putting them first. A group of gnomes lead by Gnomeo and Juliet are brought to London by their human owners. Juliet is a dominant, feisty young gnome who is so caught up in organizing the group she stops really listening intently to her  partner. When the group is kidnapped by a master criminal Moriarty, Juliet and Gnomeo end up working in conjunction with Sherlock Gnomes, the sworn protector of gnomes, and his personal assistant Watson (who he has also started to undervalue just like Juliet with Gnomeo) to find and rescue them. It is during the adventure that Juliet and Sherlock learn the true value of friendship and how important it is to appreciate them. I’ll give this film 7 1/2 out of 10. My favourite character was  green frog on stood on two skinny legs and who got to snog a gnome. I think the voice of Reggie the villainous gargoyle sounded like the same person who voiced Jonnie the Gorilla in Sing, but he wasn’t.

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