This particular theatre show was on its final date on its tour and featured, remarkably as he has passed on, a hologram of singer Roy Orbison. There were also a couple of screens with some video footage of the real Roy Orbison and those that really knew him. They all noted what a remarkable singer he was. Hearing the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, who was accompanying the hologram, was touching and lovely to listen to, I had heard nothing similar to it before. I also purchased the music to the show. I especially liked hearing the song Claudette which Roy Orbison had written for the Everly Brothers, a group of that era I also really liked. This was the very first time I had ever seen a holographic show of someone who was actually deceased, yes it did live up to its hype and I bet the real Roy Orbison will be smiling in heaven when he hears the show himself. On another matter the supporting act for this show, the Haley Sisters, were fairly good but I’m not that big a fan of Country and Western music.

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