The bit about the Falklands War I could only relate to in a very limited way as, put simply, I didn’t remember it due to my age. (I thought the Falklands was an independent place of its own.) Also I had never heard of Airy Neve or the incident that took his life.

The two best roles to look out for in this film in my opinion is the girl with a just awesome accent who played Carol T, and the actress who played extremely well the young Margaret Thatcher. Overall rating 4 1/2 out of 10.

Meryl Streep was average, but one of my greatest role models, Michael Brunson making a cameo appearance, was the real political icing on the cake for me. Meryl Streep was not bad but the ghost of her husband was the most interesting feature.

A guy who turns up for twenty seconds with John Major style specs may meant to have been him.

`Milk` so far remains my firm favourite of political films and dramas.