There are flood warnings in the Tewkesbury area, more rain on the way, Gloucestershire had 25 feet of water! There are blue skies in Devon but flooding. A man aged 52 and his dog sadly died in the floods.

There is a new blood test for the detection of breast cancer.

Singer Myleene Klass, a mum of two, is running a campaign with the `Save the children` charity to raise 1 million pounds for 7 maternity units to help women give birth in the country called Bangladesh. Myleene was a midwife for a day there, and in response to whether she will have any more children Myleene said “Never say never” and she offered to take newsreader Emma Crosbys’ blood pressure but probably not then and there.

Simon Cowel has apparently invited back on the panel of X-factor awesome singer Danni Minogue. If that is the case it’s a good move. Singer Tulisa returns to the X-factor but singer Kelly Rowland, whose career I’m not familiar with, is leaving the X-factor as she is too busy. I still think X-factor, if it remained, would be a better programme without Mr Simon Cowel himself?


There was a nice viewers photo of a bridge in the south Wales area. Clear, bright warm afternoon for today, but my personal view is there will still be some flooding in some places.

That’s all for now folks….Send a kiss