The PM and his Chancellor have announced that those under 25 will no longer get housing benefit and should stay at home, earning the deposit on a house or the wages for rent. Due to mental, physical and sexual abuse I left home at 15 and was taken into social care. I lived in two different children’s homes for between 6 to 8 months where I overdosed on two separate occasions, and purged sometimes to punish myself. After this period I moved in with my aunt, who was very controlling. I felt I couldn’t breath emotionally or be my own person. During a particular bad episode neither of us could handle it, I lost it and gave her a black eye. I still regret that. At 17 years of age I packed my bags and left to go to Blackburn, I moved into a YWCA hostel, couldn’t cope very well, but was able to `discover` my own `identity`. It saved my relationship with my aunt as we each had our own personal space. I hope you can see by my story that not everyone under the age of 25 can live at home, especially when there is abuse involved. This Government could, potentially, put some people under the age of 25 out onto the street, and would this mean those in social services care would have to live in a childrens’ home or other institutional facility. I thought the aim was to help people live in their own homes. For those 25s on housing benefit the Government has got it very wrong. God knows what would have happened to me if this had happened to me today. David Cameron also says publicly that he understands disabled people and their issues from his own personal experiences. He says people should work to get out of poverty, for some ill disabled abused people this is not always the answer or option. Get real Coalition, this is clearly wrong. Don’t just listen to me, but listen to the charities and those directly discriminated. The money you save is nothing compared to the heartbreak some people will suffer. This is a hard blog for me to write, thank you for taking the time to read it. Goodnight all. Sad