I have a real empathy for Nina Thair and her situation. I got to see a Meridian News lunchtime bulletin a couple of days ago about an MS sufferer like myself who tries against all odds to live life to the full. Her name is Nina Thair. Her story strongly resonated with me. I now have Secondary Progressive MS and wheelchair bound too. I last used a walking frame over 5 years ago. Losing the ability to go out on your own, having to rely on others just to do what everyone else can take for granted, if it wasn’t for my partner (real diamond) I’m fairly certain I would have been put into a care home by able-bodied social workers who think that’s what would be best but it’s simply not the case. People in jail can get access to computers, satellite TV etc. Yet people with MS are just locked away and forgotten by the system. I think Nina should not have to sell her bungalow, an option may be renting out her bungalow to pay for things like DVDs, laptops, satellite TV etc, these are vital gateways to the outside world working age people need to keep going and function. I regret to say Nina’s story worries me that that could be my future. I would say to Nina and others like her in her situation to never give up hope, one day the system will change, and Social Care be free at the point of need, and human rights properly respected as it would be for an able bodied person. Read the link below to find out more about about Nina story.


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Since the above was written, Nina has published a blog which updates everyone on her situation and corrects some inaccuracies of the Mail’s article. Well worth a read.