Meridian news:
The devastated family of the little girl that died of natural causes at the New Forest campsite – my sincere condolences to them. A 20 miles/hr speed limit is wanted on a busy local road in Maidstone in Kent, the County Council there thinks that traffic calming measures are effective, but local MEP Keith Taylor disagrees as do a lot of local residents there. 
Meridian weather:
A grey start and some rain but on Easter Monday unfortunately yet more rain arriving.
National news:
A lone male swimmer is arrested after some sort of boat race, apparently he was arrested for a public order offence but as he was in the Thames I could never call it that. The oarsman get well soon, the winners cup was not presented even though Cambridge won after losing snapped an oar. I’m left wondering though why they didn’t carry a spare one in what looked like to me, but with more people in, what looked like a big canoe.
The teaching unions and teachers now want to go on strike over their pay, working conditions and pension entitlement. The walk-outs are expected to escalate. One woman said some of their yearly pensions are ten thousand pounds a year, I think I heard it said in the past that that is a yearly salary of a UK worker. This report came from Torquay, national strikes will take place by June, local strikes before then, but there is an undertaking that those students taking exams will not be effected.
Apparently there has been a suggestion made about MPs publishing tax returns, This already happens, supposedly, in the USA. It appears to be something both of the two London mayoral candidates want it to take place.
Celtic FC has apparently won the Scottish Premier League. Rangers won a match too but my first real home town Blackburn lost to West Bromwich.
Main ITV1 weather:
Some strong breezes and some damp ares in the SE (where ever that is).