I recently heard by email about an MS research progress seminar. The main speaker was the Caitlin as pictured below who was very intelligent and knowledgeable in her area of expertise, but she reiterated she was not herself a qualified neurologist. The talk focused on some of the new break-through meds, for example Simverstatin which I am on at the present time. There is no way to know if Simverstatin will slow down my Secondary Progressive MS but it’s worth a try. Other treatments for Progressive MS were highlighted but some faced restricted eligability criterior by NICE, and others were still in the clinical trials stage, some showing real potential for the future. There are a number of drugs now available for Relapsing Remitting MS but there is little as yet for more progressive MS in advanced stages. I didn’t understand all the science behind it but found it fascinating about the immune system leaving the blood vessels to attack the nervous system, and the issue of Myolin repair was also focused on and was interesting. I enjoyed networking with people and I did enjoy and got a lot out of this event.





An interesting picture in the hotel foyer



A big golf ball near the hotel? I think not!