As you can probably see, my World Cup football bets are a real mixed bunch of bananas, I’m having little luck but I’m enjoying going to Coral and putting down my bets. In Part I I wrote:

For the eventual winners I have bet on Spain, Portugal, Peru and Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday I bet Uruguay would beat Egypt 2 – 0.

On Sunday I bet  Costa Rica would beat Serbia 1 -0.

And for tomorrow I have bet Panama will beat Belgium 1 – 0.

Sadly for me my first two match predictions simply didn’t come off.

Here’s how it’s gone since:

For Tuesday (the 19th) I bet Columbia and Japan would draw 1 – 1 as would Poland and Senegal.

Then for Wednesday I bet Uruguay would beat Saudi Arabia 2 – 1.

Next on Thursday I bet that Denmark would beat Australia (by any score) and Argentina would win 1 – 0 over Croatia.

So far, all my bets were unsuccessful, I was predicting precise scores, so my favoured team might win but not by that particular scoreline. Also I do like the underdog so some of my bets are clearly long shots. Then…..

On Friday I bet Costa Rica would beat Brazil (which, of course they didn’t) and Switzerland would beat Serbia – which they DID! (only a couple of quid but I’m enjoying the real fun of predicting so it’s a bonus)

Normal service was then resumed.

On Saturday I bet Belgium would beat Tunisia 3 – 0 and Sweden would beat Germany (any score).

For Sunday my money went on Senegal to beat Japan by 1 – 0 and Poland would win by any score over Columbia.

No success on any of these.

Finally for now on Monday I played it safe and bet Spain would beat Morocco with a side bet they would win by 4 – 2. (They did neither of course).

I’ve got bets on the last days of the group stage but I’ll let you know how they get on later in Part III.

Many thanks for reading this blog of my predictions. Please come back soon.

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