I recently got to see this very awesome and groovy advert from IKEA at my local Odeon cinema.


This particular advert is very interactive, and leaves you wondering who the ghosts actually are. The ghosts appear to be floating on air but then they start showing off their moves i.e. dancing, then as well as the white sheated ghosts you also have those in multi-coloured fabrics. The owners of the house where the ghosts resided leave before the ghosts appear, and when the owners return by car the fabrics  and the ghosts return to their normal places in the house just like they never had moved.This is an ingenious advert that reminds you a bit of Peter Pan. I’m suspecting the ghosts in this advert where really groovy dancers, their moves to me looked too natural to be computer generated alone. I have never shopped at IKEA, if fact I only ever been able to buy second hand furniture, and as for fabrics I simply have too much clutter in my flat. I would give this particular advert 8/10 rating. who ever put this advert together did a marvellous job, it’s well worth watching. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.

Do you think this IKEA advert is a good one to watch?

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