There have been immense changes for the UK as a whole. There was the tragic death of Sarah Everard leading to anger and frustration, then Black Lives Matter, and then the new crime bill protests. Some days you could be forgiven for forgetting Covid-19. On a positive side, the Sun has been back out here but thankfully no snow as yet. 
I hope the Covid-19 pandemic for the UK is beginning to slowly ease off. I feel for Europe when it comes to the availability of the vaccines but the UK has to protect its population and its economy. I’m sure a plan could be agreed so that Europe has a better availability of vaccines. So many businesses have come and gone. In my own high street, it’s been slightly buzzing but quite a lot of shops closed their doors for good, for example Love Yours.
Long Covid seems like a scary, unknown, learn-as-you-go, precarious condition. I send my sincere best wishes to those who now find themselves living with this condition. I found out on 5 News that the entertainment reporter Ruth Liptrot is now living with Long Covid, well done to her for doing what she can online or on-film to document her journey to help other people gain a greater understanding about Long Covid.
Thank you everyone for reading my blog.