I have been thinking an awful lot about Covid-19 and what comes to the forefront of my mind when the word pandemic is used is the Great Plague of London of 1665. Then they didn’t know the cause but when they did they eventually tried to do something about it. This time around we can not easily see the cause of Covid-19 and effectively tackle it, it’s not like just cleaning our streets this time of vermin. It’s invisible until the bug bites. At present we all know there is no vaccine for this disease. 
It’s hard to grasp the true reality at times, I think historians may remember the UK as not being very organised in its set-up. I can only applaud those in the NHS and social care. Yes, they are doing an extraordinarily hard job and their shortage of personal protective equipment is far from helpful. A very well done indeed to those people making face masks; hand sanitisers; gowns etc. Also well done to Captain Tom Moore whose raising of over 20 million for the NHS by walking in his garden at almost 100 is an inspiration to us all during these depressing times. 
I can envisage not much changing for Covid-19 for at least a year, I don’t have many qualifications but I don’t think I’m the only one saying this. The effect on our high streets will be grim, but yes I believe the UK will make it through to the other side. 
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog.