It’s a very scary feeling all over again. This new, more transmissible variant of Covid-19. The high street has been both transformed with yet more sales going online. I was saddened that Debenhams finally suffered its last curtain call with the final closure of all its high street stores. I’m glad that I can now go out to church again, this has really helped me manage my mental health problems and seeing my lovely friends again. A massive thank you to my other half Frank for pushing my wheelchair and taking me outside.
During the pandemic I have suffered with low moods and sensations in my brain stem including pain due to my MS. People sometimes ask me how I do it, how I keep going. Well, I watch my favourite programme 5 News and try to maintain the best daily routine I can. I also bicker with my other half Frank, and sometimes even with Alexa! 
I noticed that people can now go abroad on holiday. I’d like to win 30 grand and go to Blackpool for 10 days. I wouldn’t go abroad as with Covid 19 illnesses I judge it is not safe to do so.
Take care everyone, many thanks for reading my blog. 🙏 

Should the ban on travel abroad have stayed in place?

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