Life for me during this third Lockdown has been tough but I know a lot of others have suffered a great deal more than me. We managed to use Zoom a couple of times, I enjoyed listening to Lolly and her new single “Paper Rain”, and I discovered the singer Dua Lipa through watching both 5 News and ITV News. 5 News and its brilliant news team helped keep my mind focused on the events around me, and Newsround is a good programme to watch if you needed more complicated things clearly explained (I have Autistic tendencies). I have been out in my wheelchair a couple of times for exercise, about the sum of it being enjoying a garlic bread with cheese, and cookie dough outside. Looking forward, its Valentine’s Day soon, we always tended to make an afternoon of it with a fish and chips meal in a nearby restaurant. This year it will be different, yes it will be fish and chips but we will polish it off at home. In May the Eurovision Song Contest should return to our screens. This has helped me feel more positive as I love the contest so much. Whatever you are up to everyone do take care and do be safe if you are in the snow, many thanks to you all for reading this blog. Please see my latest video below that I did after all the snow that fell recently.