I recently got to see this film `Breakthrough`after seeing the trailer online, though sadly I couldn’t see it at my local Odeon cinema. I thought the movie would be a good one, but it really touched all my heart strings at once. The film tells the very inspiring true story of John, a teenager who as a child had been adopted by an American couple. One day John was hanging out with his mates mucking about like boys of that age when they went onto a lake that had frozen over. All three fell through into the icy water below but two managed to stay afloat till help arrived. Unfortunately for John he went under the ice and was there until rescued twenty minutes later. Things looked very bleak for John’s recovery but his mum, a Christian woman, never gave up hope on God helping him. Fortunately for her God answered her prayers and as a result of what happened learned something about herself too. Against overwhelming odds John recovered completely within a number of weeks. Nobody could have seen it coming but to me God did and to me his wonders never surprise me. I would give this film 10/10! I simply can not think of anywhere it could be improved. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.

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