I watched with eagerness the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 held in Rotterdam yesterday (the 22rd of May) evening. The competition to win was immense. Sadly, but for me not unexpectantly, the UK entry failed to gain any votes at all from either the professional juries or the European public. Part of my thinking which keeps on coming to me, whether it is a record company, the BBC itself or the British public vote, none of these methods are guaranteed to produce a song to win, they are just as likely/unlikely to find the magic. If that is true, then the BBC should stop changing how our song is selected and stick with involving the British public in the selection of song/artist/both, as this would be the fairest and the best way of maintaining public interest in the contest. Let’s not forget that it is the taking part that counts, not the winning. Europe is tolerant and I firmly believe the UK will win again when we are destined to.
On the night I was pretty taken with the Greek entry – The Last Dance sung by Stefania. It’s a fun dance song and you can feel a strong vibe running through it which for me resonates. 
The other song that attracted me, which I hadn’t really heard before, was Growing Up is Getting Old sung by Victoria for Bulgaria. A sad and reflective song which showed a lot of emotion and sadness. It was inspired by her father dying of a degenerative neurological disease which is what I also have. A very brave singer in opening out her heart with powerful lyrics.
Thank you to each and every one of you for reading my blog, and here’s to Eurovision 2022.