Recently I saw two editions of the new look 5 News programme with Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije and Julian Druker, These two journalists working alongside each other in the new format, are extremely talented. 
There was an interesting conversation concerning the recent social care proposals, it included footage of Lord Andrew Dilnot speaking about what he thought about the new changes to social care. He’s someone I would love to meet him to learn more about this subject in more depth. Maybe 1 day I could do a Q & A with him to camera so that vulnerable people like me can better understand what is going on, he could explain the Government’s actions from his position as an ex-minister in a previous Labour administration who was as to look at this subject specifically and produced “The Dilnot Report”. 
The Showbiz reporter was talking about Adele and her new album. Also, in this section there was an interview with actress Halle Berry who recently directed her own film. “And finally,” in the showbiz news there was an observation about Pink (the pop star) whose husband brought her a coffee while she was showering, and they questioned just who drinks coffee in the shower, well its most definitely not me with my Costa cappuccino. 
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog, it’s much appreciated.