My own personal opinion on social care in this country is pretty dire, in fact I can think of almost nothing good to say about it, which is a real shame to me. If you have either money or a good solid family than you can probably survive it much better than without. I’m lucky I have a good solid partner, which means I can still live on my own, but, as my secondary progressive M.S. continues to worsen, just how long could it be? One thing is for absolute certain: I won’t be going into a home that Social Services just put me in so that they can stay within budget. 

I’m not much of a fan of `direct payment` either. In my opinion the cost you have to pay towards such  care and the cost of being in a care care home is simply too great. Social care is usually free in Scotland, maybe I could have moved there, but My M.S. is probably too far advanced to get a place there now. Just who would want me in their area anyway? I would always be a drain on a social services budget as I’m on a low income with no real reliable family for practical support. Also my long term  future appears bleak, in fact if anything happened to my boyfriend then I’m certain I would just retire to bed and stay there until the end came. That would be far more preferably than simply going through the motions of life just for the sake of it.

A lot of social care stories that you hear of in the news are to do with how the elderly pay for their social care, not about working age adults on benefits. I and other people can’t afford the kind of social care that owning your own home and other assets can provide. Those that rely solely on benefits for their social care deserve the same recognition as the elderly who are seen to have paid into the system all their lives. For example I was recently told that the Government only allows people to keep £29.90 per week whilst living in a care home that is classed as meeting their needs. This, in my view, is the Governments fault and is leaving a hidden type of people living what I believe is well below the poverty line. I’m trying to stick up for those people.

Many thanks to my readers for reading this blog.

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