I’m at the moment reflecting hopefully on this new year 2013, just maybe we will win an apple green Mazda 6 car or some cash, but again that’s what we all want isn’t it?

The weather here yesterday – some real rain, no warm brew outside but we made it to a couple of the local card shops I like and still remain loyal to, Clinton’s for example, but it appears quite a few of their cards now are too pricey. A couple of lovely and lively Clinton’s cards cost between £4.50 and £6. I went in fact for their cheaper options, but the Card Factory shop next door is now much better value for money and all their products are just as good, and the same high quality. I always was very loyal to Clinton’s but I guess now it’s starting to wane a bit.

Our pink laptop’s battery died tonight, maybe it needs a Stella Artois our some sort of Caster oil. In fact I discovered it had become unplugged at the back and simply needed plugging in to recharge. Silly me!

Now may he rest in peace. 110 year old man passes away, the UK’s oldest man, and a preacher too I hear.

At this point I have no idea if benefits were capped at 1%. If this were in fact to apply to Housing Benefit a lot of poorer people in our society were suffer, maybe in particular if just like me they were in private tenancies. Labour will oppose it, for how long though seems a bit unclear. Some early indications are saying this could badly effect some people in employment.

Take care, good bye for now all. Sad