This awesome tail tells the story of Maurice the Penguin and his jungle pals, and an evil Koala bear with exploding mushrooms. The film starts with how Maurice is found by a group of hero’s called the Champion’s. His egg was rescued from a raging fire but the hero who saves him dies in the fire – a very touching scene. When he grows up he becomes a defender of the jungle just like his adopted tiger mum. 

Maurice and his gang, The Jungle Bunch, gets caught out by the Koala and is trapped in foam but they escape. Then Igor the Koala traps the original hero’s -the Champions – and in trying to help them Maurice makes it worse. The Hero’s and the Jungle Bunch get out and the Champions head off to get Igor but are captured again. Junior the goldfish, who is Maurice’s adopted son, finds his dad who then gets the Bunch back together again to rescue his mum and her mates – the Champions, the animals who Igor has enslaved and save the jungle from Igor’s destructive plans. 

Things to look out for are the baboons, Igor’s henchmen, and the exciting mine trolley ride. I would give this film a 9/10 rating.

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