I first heard earlier on today about the proposed merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda. Now I would say I’m against it because although they say there will be no job losses I don’t believe it myself, they say the stores are not close geographically but I know two only a mile apart. Both supermarkets might cater a different market but I think merging them will lead to less competition. Also if there is much less competition then there is more chances of price increases rather than going down. I don’t see how both companies could remain separate entities. I think personally the firms should do more market research to show where their customer bases are and that they are different. I hope the Competition and Markets Authority block this particular merger from going ahead, I believe it is not in the consumer’s interest for it proceed further. 


Many thanks to you all for reading this blog and here is a web link to a news article that goes into the merger in more detail.

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