We got to see the movie called “All My Life”. I had not been to the cinema for a long time to see a newly released film, the last one was “Emma” back in March 2020. All My Life, in my view, is a heartfelt story about true love that exists with no bounds. Solomon Chau is diagnosed with liver cancer, and the film tells the remarkable story of how he and his fiancé crowd funded for their perfect wedding. They never gave up on each other, even after the cancer became fatal and Solomon died a short time after their wedding. Jennifer Carter finds an inner strength that she never knew she had. I will give this film 8/10 and it was well acted.
I have missed going to my local Odeon and Cineworld to see new cinema releases. Lockdown for us all has been very hard, but it also impacted on all economies and new films being made/released. I’m not bothered about seeing the new James Bond film “No Time to Die”, but I’m eagerly awaiting seeing the new “Wonder Woman 1984” film. Covid 19 can make you think in a different direction about what your priorities in life really are.