Dear Blog,
I noticed very much over the Queens Diamond Jubilee that my MS was clearly worsening, my balance and legs were deteriorating before me, but there’s not much I can do about it. So coupled with the pain I completely blocked it out, did my blog, spoke to Frank, watched 5 News and odd films, and just tried to forget that most people were out celebrating but me.
Myself and my kitchen trolley were in the kitchen last night. I’m unable to stand for long and my legs just gave  way. I felt awful with cramp style cramps in my legs, and I was just unable to get up. I was barely able to crawl into my living room to call Frank, my next of kin, who lives in another part of the country, for help and he then phoned 999. Put simply I didn’t know what to do. I had banged my head a bit, but it was an awful shock to my entire body system that was for sure. A paramedic and a few others turned up and put me back into my living room chair, they checked me over and afterwards even made me a cup of tea. Luckily I had not sustained largely any injury, but my nerves were shot that is for sure. Luckily I didn’t need to go to hospital, I told them being in hospital is a very lonely place for me to be, and watching TV there is way too Pricey! Sadly I never got to see Dispatches CH4 about the Murdoch’s as this was when it took place. I hope CH4 will repeat it sometime though.
Being housebound due to my MS leaves me very heartbroken. My social needs are what holds me together emotionally. These so called experts, put simply, just don’t get it and me too. I’m going to try, with Frank’s help, to get a bleeper, but its all so hard. I just wish Social Services, and Social Workers in particular, would just completely cease to exist for some clients like me (very complex) that would be a blessing. If anyone wants to sign my online petition – abolishing service charges clients are obliged to pay, and feel sometimes forced to pay, to Social Services to get Social Care, you will find a link to it on my Blogs page.
I watched 2 documentaries’ tonight. 1 was on BBC2 about young babies at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, it was OK and half listened to it. They were mainly talking about heart problems, 1 of them had been there for over 6 months. The second Documentary was on CH5 and featured David Wilson. A 3 part series entitled “Killers behind bars” and he was talking about Steve Wright. It was interesting what he had to say on this issue
Thankfully there are no floods near me that I know of but I keep on hearing it raining outside. Tessa Chapman on 5 news today felt the rain  much more than me, standing in several feet of floodwater. Some days for me it feels it just ain’t worth it, then I think of Frank, 5 News UK and Home and Away. I think what L’oreal say – “We’re worth it” is true. I had electric type massage, my legs are very tight with muscle tension my therapist says. My computer is working again after a local genus sorted it out for me. The Recordable Freeview Box is broken yet again for the 4th time now. Rebecca Black’s new single “Sing it” is on my blogs page, she may be loads younger than me but her music is unique and brilliant too
Take care, goodnight all, and many thanks everyone at all who reads my complex and rather unique type blogs. Take care always  Laugh  Angel