A fairly slow move in the right direction – here’s hoping the economy will grow.
The ISA contributions item is welcome but we’ve no money to save!
The banks levy increase is good – a Lib Dem concept and idea?
I simply don’t understand the changes in energy.
A mix response to pensioners tax relief.
Transport issues/links are good but the Northern Line extension could be shelved to a later date.
School building – is a small welcome move.
Glad to hear more help for `white van man` small businesses and builders. I welcome the incentives to build 120,000 new homes.
£77 million seems a very high amount to find tax dodgers but the best of luck to the government.
The announcement about state pensions and benefits 1% rise is unwelcome, but could have been more grave.
I suspect Lib Dems got the tax threshold rise – a good move by the Coalition Government.
Ed Balls is not really speaking much common sense, and just maybe under the right circumstances, with input from both the Tories and Lib Dems, the Chancellor achieved the best for the coming year ahead.
A great many thanks for all reading my review of the Autumn Budget Statement. I really tried my best with it.