This is what I mean by real personalisation.

Abolish Service Charges in Social Care.

This assembly notes that at present decisions made for disabled people are often made by Social Services professionals/experts, or they have undue influence on how money is spent under independent budgets by the client. What can be included in a person’s care package (or excluded) is decided by criterion set in Whitehall, and then contributions are required from the client after a financial assessment made by the Social Services Team. Effectively disabled people are being made to pay for care they themselves have not designed. Assembly believes that this “disabled person poll tax” is unfair for clients and disabled people. The charges vary from area to area, the services can be inflexible, with people paying for their support needs if they are deemed “social” not “medical” needs, this is wrong. Assembly therefore advocates: a.Self-Assessment for all adults who live in their own homes should be an option rather than only an assessment by Social Services personnel. b.Savings on paying Social Workers for making such assessments, and those that calculate the charges, could be re-directed to the clients and so improve services and their quality of life. c.Decisions as to what care is paid for should be made by the client, and not blocked by Social Services or their senior management on grounds of “unreasonable” expenditure. d.Legal equality in law. Experts and professionals not to have greater weight in their judgement over the clients should a disagreement arise between client and services. e.A new independent regulator “The Independent Regulator for Disabled People in Health and Social Care” (IRDPHSC) would arbitrate in disputes between professionals and service users as to how money in an independent budget was to be spent. Complaints should be handled face to face as opposed to the present high volume of correspondence with long periods of silence in-between. f.Allocation of care based on needs, not on specific, rigid criterion set by Whitehall. The overall quality of life should be considered, not just each individual problem in isolation.

This motion was passed at the Liberal Assembly 2012