Dear Blog,

I myself at the moment – I guess could be doing a lot worse. I’m having a very tough time of it yet again today. The toilet in my joint feels more like my 2nd home much more than my own bedroom does at times! It’s very hard keeping a cool calm head and not sobbing your heart out, I can assure you of that. I watched Columbo today, a firm favourite of mine. Columbo always did come across to me as a character with who things are not always what they seem with him, if you know what I mean. I do get a bit fed up though sometimes, as there is 1 actor in it who is fairly good, but he is the main suspect in it too many times, which can get a bit on my nerves. My favourite Columbo episode is the 1 where Leonard Nimoy is the murderer who plays a Surgeon/ Doctor. It’s nice seeing him in that with his real ears. I have no idea how old he was when he played that particular role, maybe about 36? Near own my age I guess. I hope ITV1 does show it again. I think they showed it sometime last year (2010).
On yesterdays Meridian Tonight, having now just turned 18, a young man, who now runs a pub in Gillingham, is England’s youngest landlord. Well done to him for passing all the exams or tests that are involved with that. He must be very clever and mature for his age. I then got to see ITV1 evening news with Natasha Kaplinsky, who I’m not a fan of, but Nelson Mandela has been admitted to hospital. My former R.E. teacher was a massive fan of his, whatever is wrong with him I wish him a speedy recovery. I also understand he is 93 years old and is 94 in July. We may have similar birthdays as I turn 36 in early July. Also mentioned was the B.M.A may take industrial action. I hope they are correct when they appear to be saying whatever action they take won’t damage patient care. I also heard Comic Frank Carson is being laid to rest sometime next week. I have to confess I have simply no idea who this particular comedian is but may he rest in peace, and my best wishes to all who knew him and to his own fans also.
I saw Family Fortunes yesterday evening too, with a guy from boy band Blue and the actress who plays Dot Cotton in East Enders. It was not a bad episode, but I think introducing the celebrity, and not having to guess who the celebrity is by seeing the family first introduced in their own homes, ruined it a bit for me from my point of view, The guy from Blue apparently hates the taste and smell of eggs, just maybe I can guess why. Dot Cottons 2 daughters in real life look so much like their famous mother, although I think 1 was visibly older than the other one was. I remember feeling a little green with envy when 2 prizes were awarded – a vacaton to Jamaica and a holiday to Alton Towers. Lucky people! I also never knew June Brown had also appeared in Black and White at the time Coronation Street. I never would have recognised her in a million years in that. Also shown was Dot  Cotton playing 1 of her 1st ever scenes in East Enders alongside a past male character Lofty. I hardly watched East Enders back then, but it brought back some memories for me of some of my lost years gone by. 1 rather amusing question came up in my eyes – “Things you would associate with Liverpool” I think it was. I would have said the awesome accent as I rather like Scouser accents – Sonia Evans is 1 of my favourite singers. Another question was famous bird cartoon characters – someone did say Big Bird from Sesame Street, which surprisingly was in the survey although it was pointed out Big Bird was not in fact ever a Cartoon character. Dot Cotton won the show, it was nice seeing her real hair and in real life she looks a lot younger than Dot Cotton. She also did a fairly good jig or dance to the music at the end. Well done her, and it was a different but  interesting touch as the end credits rolled on. Congratulations – Dot Cotton has been in East Enders, I heard said I think, 26 or 27 years. I think the actors who played Sharon and Ian are probably the only other people who may have been in East Enders a similar amount of time over the years. Oh well, maybe, anyway I’m just guessing. Vernon Kaye also tried his hand at flying a obvious fake looking plane. Just maybe the plane had gone Bananas, if you get what I kinda mean in that particular joke folks. My own sense of humour is very extrovert and rather unique to me and hardly anybody ever understands it, but of course, put simply, I have no idea why.
Last week I met my new shrink for the very 1st time, I rather liked him, and thankfully at last felt a bit at ease with someone from the team, which really from my point of view badly needed to happen. I really hope the team can now look to the future and not blame me for my complexity as a patient, my Chronic Anxiety State, or anything else for that matter. He agreed with me at times, and didn’t seem to see me as anything other than reasonable. This for me was a complete and massive change. I also hope they can give me some counselling as, due to a lot of things, it looks like my present private male counsellor can no longer see me. Fingers crossed for me on that. I also wish my Piles would just go away, but my GP seems to think they should be best left well alone and I trust his judgement on that.

Also in the `Home and Away` omnibus, Ruby soon tires of life in the city following her mums Charlies’ death, and also takes it out on Casey. Geoffrey King still wants to get his hands on `Angelos`, but Leah and Brax, with maybe a different point of view, are very determined to stop him in his tracks. Heath and April are getting very steamy, it’s good and gripping too. Bianca apparently soon falls pregnant but who’s the daddy? 1 thing is for sure, it’s certainly not Elijah. Leah and Elijah remain firm friends while young VJ looks on and just maybe ponders what might have been?
Take Care all, have a good week ahead, and to talented Newsreader Elie Crisell many thanks for mentioning me recently on Twitter. Please get well soon, and I hope 1 day you will be offered the chance to read 5 news, as I always hoped you would be offered or get that job yourself on merit. Take care That’s all for now Folks goodnight.