The UK is broke, the USA money situation maybe for now is a bit more stable, for how long people will speculate all they want, but no single one person has the overall answer to this.

The guy who had a revolutionary hand donated transplant, the best of luck to him with his recovery. Simply take it one small step at a time sir? Try not to get too ahead of yourself, only time will tell.

The Coalition’s recent attempt to no longer link benefits to inflation is the wrong answer, I sincerely hope the disabled and the most vulnerable in our society will be severely protected in all this. I heard a rather cruel male minister say this week just scrap the winter fuel allowance for all pensioners and means test it. I also hear Nick Clegg has proposed further means testing. Means testing, put simply, is a flawed rather out of date formula, and I think all ideas from all political parties should very much considered on this VIP issue. I am glad to hear the take up of OAP donating their winter fuel allowance to other OAPs is still going well. As for putting the money that is saved towards social care, that’s not really something that can be measured easily, if at all. Some carers/clients should be much more helped and supported more to find the answers that are right for them, a real `personalisation` for all if possible. Best foot forward on a now social, maybe bumpy, care style road?

The winter fuel allowance should also be extended to include disabled people as well. Disabled people and OAPs should be equally considered in all aspects of care and criteria. It’s all too often the reality that OAPs are considered much more vulnerable than disabled people when in fact the OAP may be less disabled themselves. How this could, and should be paid for, is a long haul for everyone but these sorts of issues and money should be ring-fenced. It can be that sometimes too often successive Governments can see overseas aid as far more important than our own people of this country.

Take care all, I’ve been a bit behind posting some of my blogs, but if you’ve read them a great many thanks to you all, goodnight. Laugh