I felt very saddened by the long waits in the NHS for ambulances. One gentleman waited 13hrs. for an ambulance!
For me I can kind of see where the vaccination being forced on health and social care workers has some benefits, but that for me is secondary. Being compelled to have the Covid 19 vaccination is the wrong thing to do. people can measure things for themselves and decide what to in. both health and social care sectors I think there will be a chronic staff shortage leading ultimately to a sink or swim situation for both the NHS and social care. (See video here I recorded a while ago now on mandatory vaccination for care home workers).
Well done to Sian on gaining her Doctorship in the important field of psychology She’s doing a series on mental health to raise awareness. I myself have PTSD, stress and depression. I use NLP and meditation to help myself as best I can.
Finally, Tessa Chapman did a piece about electric cars. She was in Manchester from a forecourt where you can only charge electric cars. A lady she interviewed said she had charged her car for 15 mins and walked her dog while she was waiting, it had cost her ¬£8. Sadly for me electric powered wheelchair vehicles¬†I don’t think have been made or developed yet.
Overall, I think the new look extended 5 news is superbly refreshing and interactive. I would hope to see Anila Dhami who presents the 5 News updates on the full news, she’s really good. I also like the new split weather forecasts, they extend the time for weather but without doing it all at once.
Many thanks to all of you for reading my blog.