I love the new look 5 News. It’s terrific, interactive, and asks the viewers “What do you think and what are your experiences?”. This audience participation will prove to be, I my view, positive for the programme. The report about Eco-homes that Tessa Chapman did was very good, but it made me realise “Oh when could I get keys to that kind of property!” It was well out of my league.
I saw the 5 News remembrance special, Simon Vigar presented it – Well done Simon. 
I was sad to learn that the COP26 made some progress but not as much as was hoped. I had to smile when Alan Jenkins went on the bouncy castle at the COP26 though.
I enjoyed the pop interview with the three members of Five, it made me smile a bit when the showbiz reporter seemed to be a massive fan, I thought she would faint!
And finally, well done to Julian Druker for being Co-presenter on last Friday’s Five News. It’s nice seeing you doing your reports but it’s nice to see you in the studio too.
Good luck 5 News in the ratings. 😎

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