A) To be a good ambassador and a voice for disabled people, and to help the wider society and professionals better comprehend others like me.

B) My own website promoting ongoing complex disability awareness to be an Internet success.

C) Go to Chania in Crete with my next-of-kin for a holiday. (But money’s tight!)

D) Meet Winter, that lovely dolphin in the USA.

E) To take Helen Fospero to see the West End version of `Blood Brothers` and go to the Ritz afterwards. This would be just brilliant!

F) Go shopping at Harrods with Sian Whelby.

G) Go nude for Playboy magazine.

H) Have a lot of money to help me manage my disability better and also to be happy in my life.

I) Have the right mixer shower chosen by myself, that is just right for me and my on-going disability.

J) Please HMV stores – don’t go under, I love you.

K) My own home, owned outright. (If only!)

L) A two week vacation to Disneyland Florida in the hotel that I recall in a Virgin brochure has a monorail running through it.

M) To try to give up swearing which I do when very stressed out.

I have to somehow hold onto my, probably, unrealistic dreams to just get by.

Most of my immediate family have now passed away, its very hard.

Take care, good tidings to you all, happy new year in 2012 and good luck with your new years resolutions.