I am really getting a sense now how much my MS is progressing. It was a slow deterioration but it is getting steadily worse now. I used to get out of bed using a rotastand (type of standing aid) but I’m finding I simply can not bend my left leg now to get out of bed, my right leg moves a little but my left doesn’t. When I spoke to the MS nurse about a month ago, whom I rarely get to see, he said that he thought in his view it would only get worse and degenerate even further.

On another unfortunate note my ability to stand up with my Return 7500 (another type of standing aid) is getting worse too. I am spending more time having to be hoisted off a chair, especially my shower chair/commode. You feel so trapped a great deal of the time, an empty hole with no end, but with my partner Frank I keep trying to live an independent life. If he wasn’t here I’d be mad and depressed.

I will end this blog with a smile and say again many thanks for reading this blog.  :THANK-YOU:

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