My ongoing MS, in fairly slow steps, on a spiral mahogany wooden staircase, gradually is still worsening. Sometimes what was the case four weeks ago, just four weeks later, is become worse and you never really get back to where you were on the long┬ástaircase. May be this is a very poor example but the MS monster, very much within me, finds it very hard to bring to life to you, my readers, my MS. I’m getting more brain style sensations and pain, and a stinging style sensation behind both the backs of my ears. I know that there is probably some sort of nerve there, nobody has really informed me what this could be, but I guess strongly the MS is interacting even more now with the ongoing muscle tension all over my body. Maybe, just maybe, in the 25th C, Buck Rodgers era and lifetime, there will be some sort of cure or remedy for someone as multi-complex as me?