Emotionally I’m finding it hard at times. My body continues to tell me that my Secondary Progressive MS is spreading up my body. Managing my own mental health during this time is emotionally draining. you can’t change what is happening to your body but what I attempt to do is use a technique NLP to cope. For example I may think I can’t face the day ahead but somehow I change my thinking to “I will have a tough day today but I will get by”.
As my MS carries on, I have started having regular panic attacks once again. I was 11 when I began suffering from them way too much, my childhood was a very hard one for me. Chronic fatigue due to my MS is also another issue for me to deal with.
I also have Autism and I am finding that sensory overload had started to happen to me in a much more intense way. For example, not being able to attend music concerts as the music overloads me, and I can start crying and getting disorientated. This became a bigger issue after getting MS, but who knows if the two are connected in any way.
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog.

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