Dear blog,

Yesterday afternoon I saw my gastric doctor who suggested I lose some weight. I’m about 2 stone overweight but my boyfriend Frank feeds me a healthy diet and I don’t over-eat. My being wheelchair bound means I cannot exercise a lot. Maybe more hydrotherapy may help, but my boyfriends shift patterns and my being unable to weight bear properly means, for now, I cannot go. Plus I am petrified of water. Maybe If I had liposuction I might lose the extra weight, but otherwise probably (not maybe) I should cut down  on my medium cappuccinos at Costa but I like going there for a chat and drink. It feels like the MS is gradually taking everything away. On a more positive note, I saw him about acid re-flux and he intends to put a camera down my throat in a few weeks time to see what the problem is and how he can help. At the moment this re-flux is a massive problem for me.