Hi there everyone, I’m back yet again but I’m not the terminator!

I hope you are all well, I’m looking forward to the Christmas season.

I went to see a production of `A Christmas Carol`. It was very interesting, a bit bazaar, but we smiled throughout. It was a one man show in a little theatre and I was not expecting this. At first when I got to the venue where Frank pushed me in my wheelchair through the doors I exclaimed “Children!”. I love children’s theatre shows so although I saw Scrooge and was looking forward to it I would so loved to see the children’s carol concert if I had known it was going to take place. Anyway, getting back to Mr Scrooge. David Mynne, who played Scrooge on his own and has no hair. Maybe Scrooge himself originally had no hair? Who knows eh? He made all the noises of the wind and spirits and other sound effects – they were very imaginatively done. We spoke to David after the show (I attracted his attention by yelling “SCROOGE!”. David was retired and said he had traveled from Cornwall, a long way, lets hope he brought a tent! David said he had done other one man shows of Charles Dickens’ Novels. Scrooge is still being shown for the next couple of days and I’d definitely recommend it. Be careful of the seating though as it did not appear to be properly allocated seating. Below is a web link that tells you all about the actor who played Scrooge. I would give this show an 8/10 rating but I would have liked other cast members to have been in the show. David has his own website: http://www.mynne.com/index.php

I hear singer Rebecca Black maybe in the UK at the moment, it’s a pity that she couldn’t come see me at home or I couldn’t see her on stage. She’s a very good singer, very interactive, some of her Youtube videos are bazaar, those that are spoken ones. I guess she has a younger fan base than me, I’m in my forties.

Below is a picture of Scrooge to help bring this blog to life. Lets hope it works otherwise I’ll be visited by Jacob Marley!

Many thanks for reading this blog. I wish you all a very happy day.  :Pleasure:

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