Dear Blog,

I felt this assessment by the NHS today for an electric wheelchair went as well as it could be expected under the present, but a bit narrow, circumstances. I did have a private physio with me for moral support. A few things did quite surprise me about it. What I really wanted was an electric wheelchair with small wheels, that could be used as both an attendants wheelchair and for self-powered use, for outside and for indoor use, and also that could maybe be easily folded away in the boot of a car too. It turns out in fact that the NHS in my area really only provide the ones with the very big wheels and is mainly for indoor use, but a small bit could be done outdoors. With being housebound I want to, at some point, venture outside again (there are 2 just like it on the market, but I cannot afford it or lose any money with getting 1). It’s a real great shame the NHS cannot provide me with the sort of electric wheelchair I now need, I don’t want my own home to become my very own version of a prison. The assessor decided that areas of the flat couldn’t take a wheelchair and so was unsuitable. I have to contact them again when I move in the future. I did however get my present attendant wheelchair replaced as my present 1 is old and a bit twisted now, that is something now at least. Also the replacement will have small wheels, the large wheels of the present one aren’t as easy for a carer to pushed me around in, and I have never been able to propel myself around in a manual wheelchair.
I watched the old black and white version of Jane Eyre last night, I recently bought it on DVD. My favourite scene is when Jane Eyre is stood on a chair as a young girl being punished. I had not seen it for many years and I really enjoyed it even after a decade of not actually seeing it. The Jane Eyre original is the best version I think.
Goodbye for now all.I don't know smile