Dear blog,
I don’t have a clue whether case numbers for covid 19 are going to worsen. Yes, I’m scared but in my own mind I try to change that word of my thinking to apprehension. The last twelve months my mood has fluctuated from feeling I must do practical tasks or watch TV. I have been enjoying my time back at church again, I never thought it possible but I even made it into the church newsletter twice on the trot.
I have to admit like a great many people I looked around me and thought “What can I do around my flat”. I decided to look into a new gas cooker for my kitchen but other work by carpentry needs to be done first. All the tradesmen seem to be book up for months so I might not get this reality until Christmas, so instead of happy birthday being sung it may be little donkey instead. Fingers crossed it’ll all work out in the end.
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog.