I have been dreaming of my ideal preparation for Christmas and I think I may have gone to the Trafford centre in  Manchester: seen Santa and seen their Christmas decorations. I seem to recall they’ve ceiling ones near the eating area that are the most impressive. Maybe I’d have bought that Christmas present I want from there – a coloured laptop with the  biggest memory available on the market, and then bought Webroot (web security software). See I’m asleep really, in reality I’m on too low an income to do it and no transport. Also my boyfriend is working so he couldn’t take me and I’m in a wheelchair too. The other thing I would have gone to is my late gran and aunt’s grave who are buried nearby. I suppose I will be happy with the turkey we’ve ordered from our local butchers that Frank is panicking how to cook 

Today I’m going too see the practice nurse to look at a wound following an operation, it looks OK but I need to get it checked out. 

Recently I saw a fella called Ron (he’s eccentric) who has a wide knowledge and skill in therapies such as hypnotherapy and NLP, and he’s going to help me in the new year with my fear of water so I can access hydrotherapy for my progressive MS.

Trafford Centre Christmas decorations