It felt like to me winning the lottery. 5 News relaunched itself and, oh boy, it didn’t disappoint. I have to admit I smiled a little bit half way through when the weather was being broadcast but we were watching Sian and Claudia-Liza in the studio by mistake. 
I felt empathy for the carer featured who had to leave her job due to not having the Covid 19 vaccine. I would say the gov’t has been too heavy handed and the social care system is in crisis. All I can say is only a public inquiry could ever get to the truth on the full reasons for the Gov’t approach. What, if anything, are they not telling us? 
The TikTok story of the 5 workers doing a spoof video I found rather amusing.
I really liked how the new studio looks and the interaction between the presenters was refreshing. I was over the moon when my WhatsApp message was read out!! I recognised Tony Hadley but I would have chosen my favourites Sonia, or Lolly (aka Anna Kumble), as they were my generation.
Many thanks to each and every one of you for reading my blog. 😀

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